About me

About Uriel

Vegetarian since 1985
Vegan since 1997
Since 2007 diet and nutrition therapist (Wuppertal)
Since 2007 additional health coach (Wuppertal)

If God had wanted us to eat animals, He would have given us claws. There is protein in nature. I don’t think much of vegan chef gurus on TV or gossip. For me, these are design meals. I cook „medicine“ – my menus are ready in 20-25 minutes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on organic and vegan. Rich in protein, fiber, low carbohydrates, spices as a remedy – chili must not be missing in any food – chili is anti-inflammatory, a fat burner, potency agent – antibiotics of nature. Example: Lemon (organic) pressed for salads or 2-3 slices in 1L of water against topping of sandstone or kidney stones, against constriction of the heart (high vitamin C content) but read more about this in my book or come to the seminar.

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Conscious & healthy eating

The vegan lifestyle means not only avoiding animal suffering but also being in harmony with yourself and nature.

Everyone should eat as much as the size of their fist. Everything else is a burden on the digestive tract.

When I go shopping, I shop with a plan for the next 2-3 days.

Furthermore, I eat every four seasons. When I sometimes watch other people shopping – my daughter is 10 years old – we play the game „What would we leave out“ on the shopping band at the cash register – Usually you can leave out 70% of the purchases – After years of research, I have found that people buy and consume unnecessary and inferior items. No wonder that, according to researchers, every second person in Germany is overweight. In my opinion, it would be necessary to bring society better into contact with the topic of “healthy eating” in school and kindergarten.

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Personal-Coaching For Private People

With my coaching, my goal is to support and advise you or your facility, or to go shopping with you.

When you visit me for the first time, you buy as if I wasn’t there. We look at your products and discuss them together. You will notice that some products are unnecessary or even harmful to your health.

If you want a change, I am available as a coach to achieve positive goals, get well and stay.

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For the catering trade

I offer restaurants, restaurants and canteens the opportunity to benefit from my many years of know-how. I keep finding that french fries, frozen vegetables or lettuce are the only „vegan food“ offered. I support restaurants all over Germany that want to open up to the topic and show how they can easily take 2-3 dishes on the menu and thus win back the vegetarian / vegan customer group.

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Living Vegan

I also give workshops and seminars on how to produce vegan deodorants, toothpaste, hair dye, etc. inexpensively and without chemical additives. The seminars take place in small groups in Kaiserslautern and will be announced here in good time.

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Pricing for VEGAN-Coaching


9:00 am -2:00 pm

  • Shopping together
  • Coaching Price awareness
  • Coaching Nutrition
  • Cooking together
  • Recipe folder

Coaching (Nutrition)

50,- / 1 h.

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